Who Provides #RealInfluence In YOUR World?

#RealInfluence - LI

Recently I found myself pleasantly engaged on a friend’s Facebook post that ran the gamut of emotions for many in the social media community.

It revolved around the idea of who is an “influencer”…


  1. the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

This is always a hot topic among those of us embedded in the community. There is constant discussion and also tons of blog posts, Twitter chats, keynote presentations, etc. about every facet of this topic…some positive, and many…not so much.

The ONE theme that seems to be common to all of them is this:

Everyone has their own group of people, companies, brands, and concepts that they feel have influenced them personally. 

Is there some overlap from person to person? Naturally. Are there some names that arise in more people’s lists than others? Of course. And these people found in the overlap are generally the ones thought to be the “true” influencers for the the industry…any industry.

Contained in the graphic above is my personal list of those people and brands in the marketing space (primarily, but not limited to, social media marketing) who have had a great deal of influence over me as I formed….and continue to form…my personal philosophy on how things should be done in the industry.

By no means is this a totally comprehensive list, because I wouldn’t be able to fit all of those names on a graphic of this size. But I do want to be sure these individuals know that I truly value each of their approach, and have certainly gleaned a LOT from them in various ways and through various mediums. Blogs, books, podcasts, tweets, posts, or even actual in-real-life meetings and friendships have all been ways these people have influenced me.

So here’s my chance to extend a big heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of them, and to encourage anyone that reads this to do like I and many others have done today and tweet out who YOUR real influencers have been, and be sure to include the #realinfluence hashtag.

(You can go here to see what’s already been posted)

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