Snapchat GeoFilter Ideas: Part 1

Throwing these out there for the taking…


URLs aren’t allowed in the GeoFilters but the name of your show will do just fine, along with whatever logo you use. If you have an interview-format show and you are a great planner who has their shows and guests already lined up with specific dates, you could even include the guest’s name and then set the filter up around THEIR specific location for a short period of time. This allows them to help you promote that week’s show specifically too.



So the idea is that filters would be created on a certain day/night and for a certain amount of time in various locations (think something similar to a scavenger hunt). The locations could be centered around a specific group of restaurants, bars, or even specific homes that belong to a group of friends.



This may end up as my personal go-to for presents for friends and family, so you guys are all advised right now. What better way to wish someone a happy birthday than to create a personalized GeoFilter for them that honors them in a well-thought-out and fun style?



In their blog post announcing the availability of on-demand GeoFilters for all, Snapchat mentioned using them for weddings, and then on the Brand Boost podcast, host Vincenzo Landino threw out the idea (among many) of using filters as part of an actual wedding proposal. Using it for births could get tricky obviously, but there’s a way to do it even if you set it up for a day or couple of days after the birth happens. But imagine how cool it would be to have a pre-made, ready-to-use filter showing your child’s name already on the snap, and then you could add details like weight in on the text portion.

(NOTE:  You’re already potentially pushing your luck with your significant other by doing this while she may be under stress, so I would HIGHLY advise against adding a lens to your face, her face, or the child’s face LOL)

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