How Social Media (Including Snapchat) is Making and Breaking Trump, Clinton, Sanders and Others in 2016

I had the privilege of joining Rick D’Amico and Andrea Robinson on the Fox 10 Phoenix Morning Show for a discussion on how the various candidates have been utilizing social media to further their campaigns in this year’s presidential race.

We discussed how GOP hopeful and current front-runner Donald Trump’s Twitter feed has helped propel him (for better or worse) to the lead of that party, while both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have engaged audiences through Twitter, but also Instagram and Facebook.

The surprise came when I brought up social media newcomer Snapchat as a platform of influence. Even with its 200 million users it’s still not quite thought of yet as a true player in the game…but it definitely should be and WILL be, even by year’s end. I feel like 2016 is the Year of Snapchat, and it’s vaulting ahead of all the others save for Facebook in terms of use and relevance.

View the whole segment below, PLUS another bonus segment I did with Ron Hoon from the morning team for his Facebook page on an impromptu Facebook Live streaming video.

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