Facebook Extends Olive Branch to Conservatives…Does It Matter?

I had the pleasure of speaking with Rick and Andrea on the Fox 10 Phoenix Morning show recently about the current topic of Facebook’s potential “liberal bias” when pushing out stories on its platform (click below to watch)…


Made a few key points in the video above, but one that didn’t make it in due to time constraints is a rather important one…

If Facebook DOES take a liberal bias, I’m not sure how that’s different than any other of our “trusted” news sources on a national level that report the news. Others certainly pick and choose WHAT/HOW they want to report on a daily basis. This happens with essentially every news outlet. Case and point is an obvious one: look at how much news coverage Trump received compared to the other GOP primary candidates. News outlets certainly were considering both his positive and negative appeal to viewers/readers as they continue to cover his every little move.

Do you think Facebook has a liberal bias? What do they have to gain AND lose by doing so? And how much of your trusted news comes from Facebook in the first place?

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