Pokemon GO: What’s a Lure and How Do I Use It to Attract Customers to My Small Business?

Props to Carlos Gil for creating and posting this video that inspired my post here. I’ll be discussing more about Pokemon GO and how small, local businesses can benefit from the game this week on the Social Media Social Hour with my buddy Tyler Anderson too (check out his show and/or subscribe here).

The easiest, most effective, most efficient AND least expensive way to take advantage of the current Pokemon GO craze is this:

Pay 1$ each for “Lures” lasting 30 min at a time that will attract Pokemon characters to your location, which then in turn will bring players (otherwise known as “potential customers” lol) directly to you.lure

Those lures can be placed anytime AND as many times as you want, BUT they have to be placed at a “PokeStop”, which can be found in the app when you walk around your area where you want to drop it. So while players won’t be drawn directly into your storefront, you can bring them to your vicinity and put up signage letting them know what you are offering to them.

So here’s my suggestion:

  • Pick a day you know is usually slow
  • Budget $20 for the Lures
  • Budget anywhere from $20-$50 for Facebook ads and create them as Carlos discusses in his video, w/hyper-targeted ads aimed at locals who fall into YOUR desired audience (nearly all ages are playing the game, so keep that in mind)
  • Create an offer, discount, special or whatever that is JUST for Pokemon players so that they not only visit your spot to “catch ’em all” but they also have an incentive to make a purchase or spend time in your location
…OR even better, design your own unique way of taking advantage of the current craze! Its totally wide open for creativity and we’re seeing all kinds of ideas popping up everywhere. Feel free to let me know if you try any of this in the comments here and tell me how it went!
pokemon water

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