Cubs Win, Jagermeister Blows the Save on Social Media (UPDATE)

ICYMI…the Chicago Cubs are headed to the World Series, where after decades and over a century of futility they will attempt to ruin their image as beloved losers and win it all against another nearly-as-lovable (and nearly-as-incompetent) team in the Cleveland Indians.


Amid the post game celebrations, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports made his way into the stands at Wrigley Field to interview Dorothy, a LONG time fan of the Cubbies, and asked her how she planned on honoring the accomplishment that evening…

ROSENTHAL: “How are you going to celebrate tonight?”

DOROTHY: “Ah…who knows? I’ll probably have a Jagermeister!”

I mean, talk about serving it up in a shot glass on a silver platter for the beverage company’s social media/marketing team, right? I don’t think it gets any better if they had planted her there themselves. As my friend Jason Miller noted on Facebook shortly afterwards, Jagermeister could have potentially used this to their advantage in a HUGE way if they were prepared or paying attention.

But to this point, its been crickets.

As of this writing (Sunday morning, Oct. 23rd, roughly 11am EST/8am PST) there is nothing on their official Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, or anywhere else.  A quick check of social media mentions of the  ( I use Zoomph) reveals activity by people using the hashtag #Jagermeister and/or the company name pretty actively, but nothing from the brand itself. I did find this image from an Instagram user who says in her profile that she’s a “trend and scene manager” for the brand, but that was it…

credit: Madeline Licopoli on Instagram

When Jason mentions in his post the “dunk in the dark” he’s referencing what is currently  and arguably regarded as the best social media post of all time, created by Oreo during Super Bowl XLVII. In the moment that the lights went out in the third quarter at the Superdome in New Orleans during the game, Oreo took the opportunity to tie in their product directly to the real-time activity with this tweet:


Since then, individuals and brands alike have been trying to accomplish the same  feat, and achieving everything from moderate success to massive failure.

Can Jagermeister still capitalize on the buzz around Dorothy’s post game comment? Sure, and maybe they end up even doing it in a big way in the World Series by paying her way to attend all the games, or giving her a lifetime supply of their product. Maybe they didn’t want to interrupt their current Halloween campaign that’s all over their channels and website, which they obviously planned out months ago.

But the initial time to REALLY make waves has already passed, and it will be interesting to compare the activity of that pre-produced campaign versus the online activity and the “Dorothy Effect”.

UPDATE: Jagermeister discovered Dorothy on Twitter…the next day.


Still no mention on their Facebook page or Instagram however.

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  1. Big time BUT once can assume since Jägermeister is from Germany that their brand or agency team is overseas and were likely sleeping (literally!) while the game was happening, they aren’t MLB fans or get the cultural importance here in the U.S. of the Cubs win, Dorothy doesn’t fit their target demo. Again, all assumptions on my part off the surface.


  2. Clayton says:

    On a bigger scale, because it blew up social media, Uber, Izod and others did this with Ken Bone to their benefit. Jagermeister doesn’t seem to like the Bonezone


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