Marketing Podcasts To Learn From

In case you weren’t aware…


I listen to all kinds of podcasts…from Bill Simmons and The Ringer network, to Malcolm Gladwell, to Crimetown, to HDTGM, to Freakonomics…the list goes on and on.

One main area I do focus on though is the Marketing category, which covers a LOT of bases.

In no particular order you will find below some of my personal recommendations for shows I both enjoy AND find tons of value in listening to on a regular basis.

So without further delay, here are some of my favorite marketing-related shows to spend time with and learn from…


Marcus’ podcast was one of the very first I ever found and listened to for marketing information and mad-marketing-podcast-1education. His personal story is well-known in the industry and also outside of it (its a show-stopper). The show often is just him (although he’s started having more and more guests), usually recording at 1am EST, talking about the latest and greatest in content and inbound marketing and SEO with some social media peppered in at times. Listeners around the globe send him emails that often times end up being read on the show, and they almost always are about how they used a tactic or strategy that succeeded for their business that Marcus discussed or suggested on the show.

Favorite Episode: “Episode 39: Why Content Marketing Absolutely Can Be A Direct Sales Tool”



Next to Marcus’ show, this podcast by the CEO of Casual Fridays holds the most tenure in my life andnew-smsh list. 3 or so years ago I think I found the show in iTunes because, well…the title is definitely keyword-friendly when searching for info on social media lol. That being said, I’ve kept listening over the years not only because of the knowledge that Tyler has himself, but also because he gets top-notch guests. The people that he invites on the show are almost always ones that are actually DOING things for brands or their own business and can talk to specific strategies working or not.

Favorite Episode: “How Southwest Airlines Led with Social Media to Emerge From a Crisis”



This one is a bit different but only because, while I definitely am a big  fan of Gary Vee, I tend to not gary-veeactually listen to his stuff here on his “audio experience” but instead watch it all either on YouTube, Facebook, or other video spots. But at least I know if I DO want to (or have to) just listen, this alternative exists. No one else replicates the same combination of knowledge, foresight and intensity that Gary has. The added bonus is that he is constantly relating the marketing world to the startup world, which for me (and really because of him) has become of huge importance lately.

Favorite Episode: “Fireside Chat w/VaynerMedia Interns”



The first truly brand-sponsored show on this list, its also the newest listed here. Buffer is on its third buffertry with a regular podcast (not unusual at all) and I think they’ve nailed it this time. Much like the Social Media Social Hour above, Buffer brings in true practitioners from inside the industry to talk about things they’re seeing and doing in their daily work.

Favorite Episode: “Inside NASA’s Social Media w/NASA Social Media Manager, John Yembrick


More to come…

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