[UPDATE] In August of 2016 I accepted the role of CMO/partner at BRANDish Social Media Marketing in Phoenix! Can’t thank my friend and business partner Kelly Loubet Singh enough for the opportunity to help build a business from the ground up.

I’ve been a resident of the Valley for over 10 years and have loved every minute of life here. I was drawn to Arizona by close relatives who moved here in the ’80s, and Phoenix is where I met my beautiful wife Marissa and where we are raising our two daughters Salma and Valentina. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Me and the rest of the leadership team proudly manage  Social Media Club Phoenix and we’re also helping to pull together the best Social Media Day Phoenix that the city has ever seen on June 30th, 2017.

My original home is Providence, Rhode Island where I was born and grew up. I will always have a place in my heart for coffee milk, stuffies, and hot wieners! I moved away in 2000 and lived in Maryland and Florida prior to ending up in Arizona.


  • Follow my Facebook Page for useful social media tips and info.
  • Hopefully you’re on LinkedIn! It’s a must-have and for me its the place where I post and share lots of content on the social media industry as a whole.
  • Connect with me on Twitter for news on the best twitter chats and staying up to the minute on the latest and greatest.
  • Follow my Instagram as I use it to post a lot of #ValCal, along with my love of crazy socks, food, Arizona sunsets and some Gary Vaynerchuk sprinkled in too.
  • And while its mostly just me posting pics and vids of family and friends, but I’ve become a BIG fan of Snapchat.



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