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More Than Hashtags is a practical social media-focused podcast that aims to provide insight into real application along with what’s working, what’s trending and what’s next. The show is hosted by serial entrepreneur and long-time social media practitioner Adam Leidhecker, and me.

We wanted to create a show that isn’t just filled with more noise about the social media world, which is why we generally don’t focus much on topics involving platform updates or buzzworthy, short-lived news. Rather, we try to bring to light the news and industry topics that aren’t surfaced by every tweet and Facebook post on a given day. To that end, we’ve had shows on topics such as:

The other goal is to show others how you don’t necessarily need hundreds or even thousands of dollars to put together a quality podcast. We were lucky enough to even be featured on Social Media Today to provide the list of equipment that we use for our show. You can find our list along with several others here.

And of course, what podcast would be complete without theme music? We’re lucky enough to have not one but TWO theme songs, and we are grateful for both!

Theme music 1, courtesy of our buddy Nino Lucarelli of Vocal Kitchen:

Theme music 2, our own rap song courtesy of

If you would like to reach us about our show for any reason (ie. suggestions, complaints, sponsorship opportunities), leave a comment below or email us at OR tweet us @hashtagspod. 

Thanks so much for your support!